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Walden Glove

Break In Service

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Enjoy your glove for a lifetime. Walden Glove offers a variety of expert glove services performed by highly trained craftsman in our Southern California workshop.

We have leveraged our years of experience in Japan to provide an artisan service to those who require it.

Traditional Break In Service - performed with hot water in the traditional Japanese method. Our craftsman first buff and clean the glove to ensure minimal color transfer when wet. We then carefully match the water temperature to the characteristics of the leather of each glove. The hot water is used to loosen the stiff fibers without drying the leather or removing natural oils. By matching the correct water temperature to the leather of your glove we eliminate any discoloring of your new glove. 

Dependent on your preference and playing style we will then stretch and roll the leather to widen the catching surface and expand the pocket. Break points will be carefully folded and pounded, alternating between palm and shell to ensure that your leather retains its original look and feel. The benefit of the water treatment is that it allows us to work the glove with minimal damage and cracking to the leather. 

After we complete the water treatment and shaping we allow the glove to dry 24-48 hours to ensure that all interior padding and structure is fully dry. 

Once the glove is formed and softened to a state where catch play can be performed routinely we then finish the glove with a light cleaning, conditioning and buffing to bring the oil within the glove back to the surface. The glove is then returned to its owner to continue catch play, forming the glove to the owners hand.

Break In Service will only be performed on new and stiff gloves. Please select your glove type. Shipping instructions will be provided with your order confirmation. Local drop off / pick up options available. 

We look forward to preparing your glove to become an invaluable tool on the field.