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Walden Glove

The Original Breakin' Ball

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Make your glove slap with the Original Breakin' Ball. Handcrafted in the USA, available in 3 sizes, order the essential break in tool today!


10" Circumference,  IF  -  10.2" - develops the perfect pocket for a baseball every time. Our Original Utility Breakin' Ball can be used with any glove or mitt.

11" Circumference, Outfield - the perfect size to break in your Outfield glove or to shape a catchers mitt. Complete your tool arsenal and with the 11" ball. 

12.5" Circumference, SOFTBALL - the perfect size to break in your Fastpitch or Slowpitch gloves and mitts.

How to use your Breakin' Ball:

Throw it, roll it, wrap it! Make your glove slap!!!

Throw it, the hard flat surface will help you quickly develop the perfect pocket for your glove and how your hand works with your glove - the glove and the hand should become one. 

Roll out any wrinkles or rolls in the leather that may form during the break in process.

Wrap your glove with the break in ball inside, you can wrap it with the ball in the pocket or in the heel to keep your glove's perfect shape. 


- Sustainably Harvested Northern Red Oak 

- Hand Turned in Maine | Made in USA

- 10" / 6.5oz  |  11" / 8oz | 12.5" 11oz